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The classic beach and leisure game is great fun for every generation. The elastic and (salt) waterproof neoprene coating on each racket not only ensures an excellent “trampoline effect” while playing, but is also pleasantly quiet in comparison with the noise levels of conventional wooden rackets. The lightweight and durable rackets come in a great design, and invite family members and friends to rise to the challenge of a match.

Product details:

Set consisting of 2 rackets in a different design, each racket featuring one decorative side and one in plain colour and 2 balls in a net bag, resistant to UV, chlorine and saltwater

Material of rackets: plastic frame with neoprene coating.     Material of balls: rubber

Dimensions/weight: rackets: 39 cm x 21.5 cm, 180 g; balls: Ø 3.8 cm, 10 g