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Figural Lady

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The Donatello Collection was born by looking at the most authentic Tuscan tradition.
It is necessary to go back to the early twentieth century to find them at the Signa Manufacture and in the post-war period in Montelupo.

Virginia Casa wants to celebrate and remember these forgotten pages of high Tuscan craftsmanship which is already inspired by Donatello's sculptural art.

This is where the di Testa di Donna Collection takes its name, enriched with elements, now cultural, Coats of Arms and Symbols, now natural, Tuscan Plants and Fruits, in a sort of immersion in nature to assume its appearance. A total involvement between myth and representation that looks to the classical world, to the rites of fertility, to the muses until reaching that unique time of the Renaissance where women are angels and madonnas

All Virginia Casa products are entirely handmade and with natural products, in Italy.
Even the colors are the result of scrupulous research by Virginia Casa and therefore do not contain harmful agents.
Each Virginia Casa object is a unique piece in that it is worked, decorated and painted by hand by expert master craftsmen.


Dimensions:  Height 32 cm