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3 piece small URI set

The smaller version of the beautiful URI lamp comes in a 3 piece set, and places the dining table, kitchen, living room, patio etc. in a brand new light. Whether in combination with the big URI lamp, as a trio, or each on its own as a solo star – these stylish LED lamps with carry handles are easily rechargeable at their USB ports and can therefore be used quickly and easily anywhere and anytime. The perfect accessory for harmonious lighting in the home and the garden.

Product details:

3 different designs in the set, including textile cable (1m), 3-level dimmer, USB port, warm white light colour (3000 Kelvin), lamp not interchangeable, service life approx. 25,000 hours, charging time approx. 1,5 hours, light duration up to 20 hours.

Material: Plastic and powder-coated metal

Dimensions: 15cm including handle, diameter 8.5cm